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The latest developments in preclinical research models. 

Insights on increasing the translational value of your preclinical development program. 

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Neural Connections Blog


5 min read

Advancing Nerve Injury and Repair Models

Understanding Mechanisms Underlying Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain arises from trauma or injury to either the...

3 min read

Porcine Translational Research

Advancing Beyond Rodent and Non-Human Primate Models

While rodent models have contributed significantly to our...

3 min read

Increase diversity to improve clinical translation and strengthen pain management outcomes.

The goal of preclinical drug development is to identify potential therapeutic compounds and gain an understanding of...

1 min read

New Publication - A novel sensory wave (p25) in MOG-EAE model

MD Biosciences has published a new article in the Journal of Pain describing a novel sensory wave (P25) in the ...