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The latest developments in preclinical research models. 

Insights on increasing the translational value of your preclinical development program. 

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Neural Connections Blog


4 min read

A minipig Model of Incisional pain

The use of animal models for the research of post-operative pain (POP) has been well described[1]. Most POP studies...

4 min read

Do clinical scores tell us all we need to know?

Multiple sclerosis is a disease in which the immune system attacks the myelin sheath that covers nerve fibers. People...

4 min read

Assessing and measuring pain behaviors in preclinical studies

Pain plays an important role in human life acting as a defense mechanism that protects us from harm. When pain becomes...

2 min read

What electrophysiology brings to preclinical studies

Neurons communicate with each other as well as other muscles and organs through electrical events called action...

4 min read

Why are potential pain therapies getting lost in translation?

It is estimated that 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from Chronic pain. While research has seen tremendous advances...