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Neuropathic Pain

Peripheral and CNS models of neuropathic pain.


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Damage to neurons in Peripheral and Central Nervous System 


Neuropathic pain is produced by damage to the neurons in the peripheral and central nervous systems and involves sensitization of these systems. MD Biosciences offers animal models of neuropathic pain including chemotherapy-induced pain (CIPN), diabetic neuropathy, various models of nerve injury and Chronic post-ischemia pain (CPIP). While rodent models of neuropathic pain have provided value in the research community, translational models in the pig can offer a higher degree of clinical relevance, which is why we also offer such models. 

Neuropathic Pain Models offered at MD Biosciences

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Neurological disorders often result in a combination of motor and cognitive deficits. Thus, behavioral assessments in conjunction with physiological readouts offer a broader understanding of the basic biological mechanism of disease and cognitive impairment, highly relevant to therapeutic developments. MD Biosciences uses all the standard pain and behavior tests in combination with other clinically relevant readouts to enhance our understanding of disease mechanisms in response to therapeutic treatments. 

IENF Staining

Intraepidermal nerve fiber (IENF) analysis in skin biopsy samples has become a standard clinical tool in diagnosing neuropathies in patients. Focused on using clinically relevant assessments in preclinical studies, MD Biosciences offers IENF analysis in its studies. 

Data shows IENF staining in the pig model of peripheral neuropathy.

PNT sciatic nerve injury pig skin biomarker


Electrophysiology (EP) is conducted to study the functional properties of neurons, enhancing the understanding of neurological disorders. Data shows Sensory evoked potential (SEP) in the sciatic nerve from the high-fat diet induced diabetic neuropathy model. 

SEP_HFD neuropathy_mdbiosciences


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