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Neuropathic Pain

Neurology/Pain Models

Neuropathic Pain Research

Neuropathic pain is produced by damage to the neurons in the peripheral and central nervous systems and involves sensitization of these systems. While rodent models of neuropathic pain have provided value in the research community, translational models in the pig can offer a higher degree of clinical relevance.  Speak to a scientist to determine which neuropathic pain model is most relevant to your program and to learn how we can support your research needs.

Pain Tests: Dosing Routes:
Von Frey PO
Paw Pressure Injection (IP, SC, dermal)
Thermal Intravenous 
Cold Allodynia Intrathecal
Weight Bearing Infusion Pump
  Local/Direct to nerve


See neuropathic pain publication here. Electrophysiology Capabilities

           Available Models:





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