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Neurodegenerative Stroke Models

A platform for studying effects of therapies on neurodegenerative disorders.


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Designing Studies for Stroke and Ischemia


There are a number of well-characterized, ischemic stroke models used to study ischemic stroke injury and mechanisms of cell damage. Focal ischemia (MCAo) models are used to mimic human stroke, however the global ischemia (4VO) model is highly relevant in clinical conditions, such as cardiac arrest. Our stroke models can also be used as a platform for studying effects of therapies on neurodegenerative disorders. 



Models for Stroke Pathophysiology

A description of ischemic models offered, the area of expected damage, and the relevant cognitive/behavior tests. 



If you are ready to discuss how your development program can benefit from a partnership, our scientists are eager to explore the possibilities with you. Like many other pharmaceutical and medical device developers, you can rely on predictive preclinical data.  


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