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Neuroscience Laboratory Services

Behavioral Testing Services

Quantify Motor, Emotional, Cognitive and Sensory Functions

Behaviors Assessments: A Deeper Understanding of Disease


Neurological diseases often result in a combination of motor and cognitive deficits. Thus, behavioral assessments in conjunction with physiological readouts offer a broader understanding of the basic biological mechanism of disease and cognitive impairment, highly relevant to therapeutic developments. 


Utilizing rodent and pig models, MD Biosciences offers a variety of behavioral assessment capabilities applicable to (but not limited to) the following subject areas:

Pain Test: von Frey, thermal (hot plate, tail flick), weight bearing

Balance/Coordination Tests: Rotarod, paw placement/cylinder, balanced beam/catwalk

Learning and Cognition/Memory Test: Morris water maze, novel object recognition

Sensory and Motor Functioning Tests: Paw adhesive removal, grip strength

Anxiety/Stress Tests: Open field, tail suspension, forced swim, elevated plus maze


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