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Biomarker Analysis

Quantitative methods for translational markers in preclinical and clinical discovery.


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Unlocking value early in drug development and increasing the translational power of preclinical studies.


The use of biomarkers has the potential to increase value early in drug development by extracting more data and information from each study. This can increase efficiency, reduce costs, guide decisions, boost the translational power of preclinical studies, and effectively enable more drug candidates to move forward.

MD Biosciences has expertise with biomarker analysis for markers that play a role in neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration, and pain. Examples of methods we incorporate are listed below.


Preclinical and Clinical Biomarker Assays

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Biomarker Resources

Translational biomarkers

Whitepaper: Translational Biomarkers

This whitepaper provides an overview of how biomarkers can be utilized to extract maximum value early in translational studies while being optimized for use in clinical studies.

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whitepaper icon-inflammatory biomarker

Whitepaper: Inflammatory Biomarkers

The interplay between the central and peripheral nervous systems and the immune response highlights the importance of understanding the cellular and inflammatory attributes that are strongly associated with neurological diseases and pain.

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High Precision biomarkers

Whitepaper: High Precision Biomarker Detection

Multiplex and ultra-sensitive detection assays provide a powerful platform for difficult to measure analytes. The detection of these markers offers invaluable insight on monitoring disease progression at earlier stages and assessing the need for therapeutic intervention.

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