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CNS Research Facility

Purpose-built, state-of-the-art

Expertly Designed Facility for CNS Research.

Newly built in 2021, our 20,000 square feet CNS research facility was purpose-built for translational CNS research and boasts dedicated wings for rodent research, translational pig research, and in vitro biomarker research. Each wing contains custom housing facilities along with expertly designed surgical suites, treatment rooms, and behavioral suites that minimize environmental stress factors that can impact CNS and pain studies.

  • 20,000 square feet facility 
  • Rodent housing suites
  • Pig housing suites with open fenced pens and shared cognitive play areas. 
  • Microsurgical and Surgical suites
  • Treatment rooms for handling NCEs, biologics, and medical devices. 
  • Rodent behavioral suites for assessing cognition, memory, pain, and sensorimotor function
  • Pig open field and behavioral suites
  • In vitro neurophysiology and biomarker lab
  • Electrophysiology lab
  • Histology labs
  • Refrigerator and freezer storage

Translational Pig Facility

The housing wing for translational pig studies is expertly designed with open-fenced pens and shared cognitive spaces to allow for social interactions. Housing, treatment, and behavioral suites are all designed to minimize environmental stress factors that impact studies.

CNS research facility


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