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Post-Operative Pain

Rodent and pig models for evaluating therapeutics for incisional pain.


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Incisional Pain Models


Post-operative pain management is a major challenge for clinicians and patients. Unrelieved post-operative pain management causes patient suffering and discomfort, and can promote psychological and pathophysiological obstacles (Castel et al., 2014). While therapeutic agents and analgesic techniques are available, a large number of patients report moderate to severe pain following surgery. For this reason, it is essential to continue researching analgesic treatments for post-operative pain. 


Post-operative Pain Models

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Example Data

In a study, we aimed to evaluate the effect of Marcain and Exparel in the pig POP model. In additional to traditional pain assessments, we evaluate the locomotor activity of the animals. Data show open field post application in the pig POP model. 



Open Field Pig POP


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