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Animal Models of Neuroma 


Models for studying why nerves fail to regenerate, leading to painful neuroma.


Neuroma results from hypercellular and proliferative outgrowth following a nerve injury, such as crush, stretch, or transection. In many cases, the blood-nerve barrier is disrupted leading to allodynia or an increased response of nerves and pain sensitization, causing a pain response from stimuli that doesn't normally provoke pain. 


Animal Models of Neuroma

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Neuroma Formation

Sample from day 54 in the mouse Spared Nerve Injury Model (SNI). Composite photo of a nerve (arrows on left) becoming a neuroma (boxed) which grows into the surrounding soft tissue.

Neuroma 3


Histopathological score at 28 and 54 days post surgery. 

Neuroma histo


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