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PK/PD & Toxicology Studies


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MD Biosciences provides PK services for rodents and pigs, and designs studies that optimize sample collection and analytics. Below is a list of our PK services:  

  • Standard PK
  • Dose linearity PK
  • CNS penetration
  • Tissue distribution
  • Formulation screening
  • Bioanalysis services: sample analysis by LC-MS/MS of biofluids or tissues


Toxicology studies are crucial in assessing drug safety. At MD Biosciences toxicology studies are performed in rodents or pigs and are GLP and regulatory compliant. We assist with the study design and consider components like dosing route/regimen and dosing levels. Common readouts include clinical signs, body weight, clinical pathology, organ weights, gross pathology, histopathology and biomarkers. Samples are collected throughout the study for downstream analysis, and tissues are collected for necropsy and pathology. Additionally, we can streamline the regulatory process through our expertise in SEND data standardization and eCDT tables.


Sample Data


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If you are ready to discuss how electrophysiology can add to your understanding of your therapeutic potential, our scientists are eager to explore the possibilities with you. Like many other pharmaceutical and medical device developers, you can rely on predictive preclinical data.  

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