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Neuroscience Laboratory Services

Inflammatory Pain

Acute and Chronic Pain Models

Our scientists understand the gaps that can fall within inflammation and pain research. We offer a range of inflammatory pain models from acute inflammatory pain to chronic pain associated with arthritic conditions. Additional readouts to enhance study results (biomarker analysis, histology, etc.) are available and readily discussed throughout studies. If you are looking for specific models that you do not see below, our scientists will work with you to validate models or assessments that your research requires as we have vast experience with rapidly validating such based on literature.


Inflammatory Models

Acute Inflammatory Pain

Arthritic Joint pain

Post-Operative Pain 


Sample Readouts 


Range of Readouts



Paw Volume

Biomarkers (protein, mRNA)


Thermal Hyperalgesia


Plant-based Compounds

Mechanical Allodynia/von Frey

Pharmacodynamics (PK)


Weight Bearing


Motor Function



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