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Acute Inflammatory Pain

The CFA-induced and Carrageenan-induced inflammatory pain models.

Pain associated with tissue injury


Acute Inflammatory pain is commonly associated with tissue injury and manifests itself as an expression of neuronal plasticity consisting of central and peripheral sensitization. Tissue injury causes a release of inflammatory mediators from damaged cells, which become central to the initiation of an inflammatory cascade. 

MD Biosciences offers acute inflammatory pain models that can be extended to evaluate a more chronic inflammatory pain state. In models like CFA or carrageenan, we can measure the release of cytokines and their role in the initiation and maintenance of the inflammatory response.


Models offered at MD Biosciences


CFA-induced Inflammatory Pain

Available in both mouse and rat models, the CFA-induced inflammatory pain model exhibits peripheral tissue injury following an injection of complete freund's adjuvant (CFA). 


Carageenan-induced Inflammatory Pain

Carrageenan induces a short-lasting acute inflammation and hyperalgesia. The model is available in both mice and rats. 



Inflammatory biomarkers provide information related to mechanisms contributing to inflammatory pain and how well compounds modulate the inflammatory and/or pain response.

Pain behavioral anaysis


Pain behavior tests include dynamic weightbearing and Hargreaves to assess the distribution on each paw and sensitivity to heat.  



Evaluate pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory biomarkers from samples. 



IHC and histological staining to evaluate inflammatory markers in the paw skin. 

Scientific Data

Biomarkers are used to analyze pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines in paw skin, CSF, and plasma. Analysis of these sample types provide information on local and systemic effects of a drug.

Biomarkers in CFA-induced inflammatory pain (800 × 500 px)
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CFA datasheet


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