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About MD Biosciences Neuro

Your specialist for preclinical studies in pain and neurodegenerative diseases

Innovations in the study of

pain and neurodegenerative diseases

Who We Are 

MD Biosciences Neuro offers preclinical and translational contract research services for drug development in the field of neurology and pain research. We offer validated and customizable models to suit your research goals. With presence in the innovation hubs of Cambridge, Massachusetts and with state of the art laboratories in Israel, our team is dedicated to creating lasting partnerships in the biotechnology community, and building collaborative programs. In order to provide the best quality offerings with expertise and optimize research outcomes, we operate an in-house histology laboratory.

 What We Do 

With a multifaceted approach to the assessment of neurological diseases, specializations include pain-related work, neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's, neuro-inflammatory diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, and capabilities in stroke and cerebral ischemia. Other specialty areas include dermal and wound healing models in rodents and pigs. Preclinical models are complimented by in-house histology, biomarker analysis and electrophysiology capabilities. Additionally, to bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical applicability, and to address common challenges researchers face with rodent models, we offer pig models. Such models share a high degree of similarity to humans, thus offering greater clinical efficacy that serve to augment and accelerate programs towards their next objectives and milestones.Request Study Proposal