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Neuroscience Laboratory Services

Rodent Models of Pain 

Inflammatory and Neuropathic Pain

Pain Research in Rodent Models

We've helped many biopharmaceutical companies advance their innovations through preclinical efficacy phases for pain research. 

Whether the objective be to bring a compound to out-licensing stages, expand the therapeutic potential of already approved therapies or progress a compound to clinical trial phases, MD Biosciences can help. We are more than just a CRO, we are a research partner that can help design the studies based on the goals at hand. We understand the time and budget constraints that every research group is working under, whether you are a large pharma company or a small start-up. All studies are designed to maximize the amount of data that can be obtained from a single animal or cell. Additionally, we understand the link that resides between pain & inflammation and the targets that fall within the gap. Inquire about our electrophysiology recording and analysis capabilities suited for preclinical pain models and neuropathic pain studies, and learn more about our behavioral models here. 

Rodent Pain Models

 Inflammatory Pain

 Neuropathic Pain

Modified Post-Operative Pain (using Nerve Block)

 Pig Pain Models

Post-operative Pain

Neuropathic Pain

Modified Post-Operative Pain (using Nerve Block) 


What will we bring to your project?

  • Flexibility to accommodate last minute study changes
  • Open communication so you know the status during your study
  • Scientific contribution to the study design
  • Innovative approaches to tackling problems
  • Wide range of ex vivo analysis including multiplex, PCR, histology, IHC
  • Wide range of behavior, cognitive and motor function tests
  • Willingness to validate new methods
  • IACUC and AAALAC oversight
  • GLP-like processes to bring quality and consistency to methods



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Neuro Lab: +972 (8) 939 6884 

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