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A novel non-colonizing orally delivered single strain Live biotherapeutic product (SS-LBP) for the treatment of neuroinflammatory diseases





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About this webinar:

The role of the microbiome in neuroinflammatory diseases and neuroinflammatory pain has received increasing attention. Gastrointestinal bacteria have been shown to affect both central and peripheral neuroinflammation, likely through production of metabolites, neurotransmitters, neuromodulators and immunomodulators. Depending on the species, bacteria have the ability to promote or attenuate the sensation of neuroinflammatory pain, depending on whether the strain has pro-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties. ADS012, a novel orally delivered strain of Bacillus velezensis, was hypothesized to be an anti-inflammatory strain and was therefore tested in three models of neuropathic pain.

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Laurent Chesnel
VP Research and Development, Adiso Therapeutics


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