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On-demand Webinar

Unveiling Motor and Sensory Phenomenons in Neurological Diseases.



Enhancing our understanding 

Drug developers rely on preclinical animal models to prove efficacy of their potential therapeutic. Clinical scores and behavior measures aren't always able to tell the full story when it comes to pain and neurodegenerative conditions. In this webinar, we unveil motor and sensory phenomenons that are identified using Electrophysiology. 

What you'll learn:

  • Can you monitor pain in animals that are unable to withdraw from stimuli due to paralysis? 
  • How to differentiate differences in disease severity when clinical scoring isn't sensitive enough. 
  • How to predict what will happen in the motor system before clinical scores show changes.
  • Having confidence that therapeutic protocols are dosed at the true start of disease, which may be present before clinical scores show.
  • How you can use electrophysiology as a quick analgesic screen prior to evaluating in a spinal cord injury or demyelinating disease. 
This 30 minute webinar will provide an introduction to electrophysiology in Neuroinflammatory models. 

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