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Neuroscience Laboratory Services

Patch Clamp Assay 

Evaluation of Channel Blockage and In-Depth Synaptic Activity

A single cell electrophysiology live recording, MD Biosciences Lab


Patch Clamp Assay

A Single Cell Electrophysiology Live Recording


MD Biosciences Neuroscience Lab offers an assay for evaluation of channel blockage and in-depth synaptic activity complimented by advanced electrophysiology recordings and analytical capabilities. 


Advanced technology and expertise for high definition measurements of:

  • Membrane properties
    • Ionic currents (with channel specification using blockers or specific cell-line)
    • Amplitude and kinetics
    • Cell resistance and capacitance 
  • Synaptic transmission properties
    • Frequency
    • Amplitudes and kinetics 
    • Identification of synapse type (excitatory/inhibitory)

             Synaptic activity

            Whole cell patch clamp recording of hippocampal neuron using KEKA10 system

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