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Synaptic Imaging Assay

Evaluate effects of compounds on synapse formation and identification.


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A powerful method for the research of cognition, learning and degenerative disease treatment


MD Biosciences offers a synaptic imaging assay for evaluating the effect of different treatments on synapse formation and identification. This assay allows the estimation of inhibitory/excitatory synapses ratio and synaptic strength, a powerful method advancing cognition, learning and degenerative disease research and treatment options. 

The assay allows researchers to understand the absolute length of neurites in early development as well as synaptic density, a later stage parameter.


Assay Overview

  • Primary hippocampal neurons from mouse or rat
  • Imaging using Synaptobrevin2 protein + synaptic markers
  • Synaptic Count
  • Synaptic Strength
  • Identification of synapse type (excitatory/inhibitory)

Synaptic Imaging Markers

Example Data

Synaptic assay of primary hippocampal neurons

synaptic imaging assay data




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