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Synaptic Imaging Assay

A powerful method for the research of cognition, learning and degenerative disease treatment


MD Biosciences offers a synaptic imaging assay for evaluating the effect of different treatments on synapse formation and identification. This assay allows the estimation of inhibitory/excitatory synapses ratio and synaptic strength, a powerful method advancing cognition, learning and degenerative disease research and treatment options. 


Unique Readouts

  • Synaptic Count
  • Synaptic Strength
  • Identification of synapse type (excitatory/inhibitory)


Synaptic imaging (Synaptobrevin2) with marker for inhibitory synapses (GAD65), with primary hippocampal neurons from mouse. ** in green: Synapsin lla (Shulman et al, 2016). 



Pre & Post synaptic imaging (Synaptobrevin2PSD95), primary hippocampal neurons from rat.

*EGFP-PSD95 viral-vector (courtesy of Professor Noam Ziv). 

PSD95 VV+Syb2 AB_Merge3


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