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Our response to COVID-19: Our laboratories remain open and committed to providing research services for preclinical, translational and clinical phase programs.


Advancing CNS and PNS Research

From in vitro assays to large animal models, our research services provide a multifaceted approach to assessment of neurological diseases and pain. Our global facilities are fitted with equipment and technologies for preclinical and translational studies, featuring clinically-relevant read outs and endpoints.


To bridge the gap between preclinical and clinical applicability, and to address the common challenges researchers can face with rodent models, we also offer pig models. Such models share a high degree of similarity to humans, thus offering greater clinical efficacy that serve to augment and accelerate your program towards their next objectives and milestones.


Moreover, with a full service, in-house histology laboratory and neurophysiology laboratory, we bring your results to the next level. 


In-Vivo Models


             Inflammatory  Pain              Neuropathic Pain                  Nociceptive Pain


      Neurodegenerative Diseases     

              Parkinson's Disease                 Multiple Sclerosis             Cerebral Ischemia


Pig Translational Models

            Post-Operative Pain             Modified Post-Operative Pain           

            Peripheral Nerve Trauma Induced Pain


Neurophysiology Methods         

          Patch Clamp                  Synaptic Imaging           

           Neurite Outgrowth Assay     In-Vivo Electrophysiology




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Nes Ziona, Israel

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United States

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Fax: (651) 641 1773


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