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RealBrain® Models

Micro-Tissue Brain Models 


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MD Biosciences is pleased to introduce RealBrain® technology through an exclusive partnership with Tessara Therapeutics.  

Tessara Therapeutics has developed a unique cell-based platform, RealBrain®, which models neural micro-tissues for drug discovery. Together, MD Biosciences and Tessara Therapeutics have joined forces in introducing this technology to a broader user base.


RealBrain® Functionality

RealBrain® provides high modeling accuracy of traditional organoids, but with far greater ease of production, reproducibility and optical clarity. These 3D models capture the complexity of the human brain by differentiating neural stem cells in an advanced chemically-defined polymer matrix that are compatible with 96 or 384-well plate formats. The RealBrain® Matrix is an ideal micro-environment for developing a mature heterogenous cell population that demonstrates neural functionality and differentiation in just 3 weeks. The cell population exhibits synaptic maturity, neurotransmitter responsiveness, and voltage gated ion channels.

Benefits include:

  • Biological accuracy: mature models feature a heterogeneous 3D mix of neural cell types
  • Fully human: models are derived from primary human and iPS-derived neural stem cells
  • Optical quality: models are clear with optimal cell density for high-content imaging
  • Scalable and reproducible: automated production generates highly consistent models
  • Compatible: micro-tissues can be incorporated into all standard 96-well assays
  • Disease ready: Models of both normal brain and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Short timeline of only 3 weeks to study-ready cells.


RealBrain® Platform

A pipeline of models that address the largest unmet needs in neuroscience drug discovery


Mature “healthy” brain utilizing heterogeneous neural populations.



Alzheimer’s Disease model evaluating Amyloid β42 induced neurodegeneration.

RealBrain®  Analytics

The predictability of efficacy and safety studies increases by combining RealBrain® relevance and reproducibility with advanced analytics methods. We support an expansive range of study readouts including:

  • Immunocytochemistry and immunohistochemistry
  • Phenotypic changes
  • Cell-secreted biomolecules
  • High throughout and high sensitivity biomarker screening

Contact us for additional information on our cell-based assays. 

*Models in validation.

RealBrain®, ArtiBrain, ADBrain, DevBrain, TBIBrain are trademarks owned by Tessara. 


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If you are ready to discuss how a partnership can fit into your development program, our scientists are eager to explore the possibilities with you. Like many other pharmaceutical and medical device developers, you can rely on predictive preclinical data.

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