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Neuroscience Laboratory Services

Neuropathic Pain Models

Rodent and swine models for nerve injury studies

Peripheral Nerve Injury (PNI) Models of Neuropathic Pain

Neuropathic pain may arise from many different disease states and present with a variety of symptoms, including shooting or burning pain, tingling, numbness, and allodynia (pain in response to a normally innocuous stimulus). Clinically significant relief is often difficult to achieve, in part because conventional opioid therapy is typically less effective for neuropathic pain. Also, patients vary widely in their response to other types of analgesics. Understanding the mechanisms underlying neuropathic pain syndromes is crucial to the development of more effective therapies.
MD Biosciences offers several well-established peripheral nerve injury models of neuropathic pain:


Sample Model Specifications
  • Model length: up to 42 days
  • Positive controls: Morphine, Gabapentin, Pregabalin
  • Readouts: tactile allodynia (von Frey), cold allodynia 
  • Endpoints: histology, biomarker analysis (protein or mRNA levels in sciatic nerve or serum/plasma)
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Our scientists are experienced with rapidly validating models from literature. We can discuss various models, assays, readouts that will accommodate your program needs. 



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